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I would like to acknowledge the contributions of many individuals in the creation of this website. The section devoted to vertebrates was created with the help of the remarkable zoologists, Vadim Kiriliuk and Oleg Goroshko. I am deeply grateful to Vladimir Dubatolov, Tatiana and Sergey Gordeev for invaluable advice concerning butterflies. The separate sections are enriched with text and photos from Olga Kiriliuk, Dmitry Koriakov, Alexander Sukhanov, Gennady Agafonov, Evgeny Malkov, Alexey Miasnikov and Edward Pivorun. I'm grateful to Alexander Istomin for his assistance in creating of this web-site. They are remarkable specialists and my good friends. If this project interests you, please contact me for further information.

It is said “that the one is not mistaken, who attempts nothing”. Mistakes in this website are inevitable, and I shall be deeply grateful if you find them and contact me


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