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Nature of the Transbaikalian Region

Project by Oleg Korsun       switch to Russian

"Magnificent Transbaikalia…". While creating this website, I had no doubts that its title heading should be this brief but encompassing phrase of Anton Chekhov. These words describe my own personal attitude to this land situated in southern Siberia, in which I was born and in which I shall probably live all my life. This district of continental Asia combines within its boundaries the northern taiga and dry steppes, the watery breath of sacred Baikal, and rudiments of ancient rainforests. Each place on Earth is beautiful in its own right, but here I wish to show the beauty of my Transbaikalia to the peoples of the world.


Statistics: you can look here the information about 591 species of animals and 546 species of plants of Transbaikalia

The website is supported by the instrumentality of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Zabaikalsky Krai (Transbaikalian Region).

Pictures by Oleg Korsun (unwritten), Gennadiy Agafonov, Sergey Gordeev, Oleg Goroshko, Alexander Istomin, Vadim Kiriliuk, Dmitriy Koriakov, Igor’ Kushnariov, Evgeniy Malkov, Igor’ Mavrin, Alexey Miasnikov, Igor’ Mikheev, Alexander Pil’nikov, Edward Pivorun, Alexander Sukhanov, Alexey Shipitsin, Tatiana Tkachuk, Ekaterina Tkachenko, Sergey Tsapar’.

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