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Daursky State Biosphere Reserve (Zapovednik)

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The Daursky State Biosphere Reserve (Zapovednik) is located in the southern part of the Chita Region. The territory of the Reserve consists mainly of steppe landscapes with many typical steppe species of plants and animals, and includes such rare species as the Zeren gazelle, Daurian hedgehog, manul wild cat and the Mongolian marmot (tarbagan). The open spaces of the steppes attract rare birds such as the steppe eagle, golden eagle, falcons, and many species of cranes.

Major highlights of the Reserve are the Torey Lakes (Barun-Torey and Zun-Torey). They are largest lakes of Transbaikalia. A unique feature of these lakes is their periodic filling and drying, occurring on the average once every 30 years. Thus, the lakes were dried up four times in 20th century. The Torey Lakes form separate water basins, receiving water from small steppe rivers. Because of this, the lake waters contain a high concentration of dissolved salts.

The Torey lakes attract many species of birds, which nest on their shorelines. In addition, the lakes are located on the major flyway for migrating species that nest north of the Daursky Reserve. For these reasons the bird fauna in the Reserve is extremely rich (314 species).

The Reserve is also extremely important nesting site for a variety of cranes, one of the largest and most beautiful group of birds in Transbaikalia. Three species of cranes, the Japanese White-naped, the Common and the Demoiselle crane nest in the territory of the Reserve. Two other species of crane, the Great White and the Hooded crane, utilize the Reserve as subadults. In addition, Manchurian cranes were spotted in the Reserve in 2002. Thus, it is possible to observe six species of cranes simultaneously in the Reserve.

Here you can read more detailed information about Daursky Reserve prepared by its employee Olga Kiriliuk.

Daursky Reserve in the facts and figures:

Established in 1987.
Surface area: 45,8 thousand hectares.
Localization: Ononsky and Borzinsky districts of Chita Region.
The largest lakes: Barun-Torey – 550 square km and Zun-Torey – 285 square km.
The Daursky Reserve is part of the Dauria International Protected Territory together with Chinese and Mongolian reserves.

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